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Knowing Ivaila Ivanova from the period before entering the National Academy of Music in   Sofia, also her forming as a performer and musician, I am a witness of her development.

She is an intelligent and unusually talented young person, who has reached till the moment in her musical career one magnificent high-professional level, which fits the highest criterions related to the musical performance of one contemporary pianist.

  I have visited numerous public recitals of her, participations in concerts and competitions.
              - Concert with Simfonieta Sofia Orchestra in March 2006 at the most prestigious 
                Bulgarian hall - "Bulgaria".
              -Solo Piano Recital at "Bulgaria" chamber hall in November 2005.
              - National Competition for piano duos "Seiler", where she received third Prize.
              - She is guest often to the orchestra of the National Academy of Music in Sofia.

Ivaila Ivanova is interested in works from different epochs and includes in her repertoire productions by different composers. She has sense of style of the performed pieces, a rich and varied sound. Wonderful technique, helping her to overcome and perform works, among the biggest masterpieces of the music literature. She prepares with enthusiasm and a huge desire for a good presenting, as I can not miss her capacity for work, which I have noticed during the years. Her public performances have always been very successful. She has been enthusiastic accepted by the audience not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad. Last year she had three recitals in different cities in France, part of the famous festival for pianists "Extra piano festival."
Confident in her prosperity, I invited her for a concert with Sofia Philharmonia. I would be happy if this recommendation helps one young talanted person.
                                                                          Yavor Dimitrov
                                                                          General Director of Sofia Philharmonia